Whether you are a worship leader, a musician, or a passionate student of the Presence of God, you are invited to apply! Heart of David Philadelphia School serves as a training school for the global worship movement. Students will receive a Certificate of Ministry for completing two three-month semesters with two optional overseas mission trips. We also host daily extended worship and prayer sets, as well as weekly and monthly events to bless our city. 

The first semester is focused on the inner man, with an emphasis on developing personal history with God. Along with the foundational Tabernacle of David, our core subjects include Biblical Values, and Prayer and Outreach.

The second semester is focused on leadership development, with an emphasis on the outer man. During the semester, subjects include the study of the End-Times, Israel, and Leadership, all within the context of worship. We also begin to entrust responsibilities to the student so that they may take on small leadership roles around the HOD base. 

The option to serve with HOD may be available to those who graduate from the School with excellent-standing and are invited by the core staff. 


The HOD Movement is a Presence-driven, relationship-based movement founded by International worship leader Rick Pino, and directed by José and Dana Díaz. It serves to provide a connection point for many around the world who desire to be ambassadors of HOD vision and values in the context of friendship, accountability, and encouragement. Since the vision of a radical worship community was established in Austin, Texas in 2013, the HOD community has grown to have bases in over 30 cities around America, and 20 nations around the globe. Our focus is to train up worshipers that love the Presence and love the Global Church. To learn more about the HOD Movement, our Global Network, and our other HOD schools, go here

The Heart of David Philadelphia base was planted in 2017 as an extension of the Heart of David Movement. Along with our School, we offer a connection point for those in the Greater Philadelphia area who align with our vision and values. We have weekly, monthly, and yearly local events. To get connected and to hear about our events, go here


School Director

Dana Díaz

Staff Director 

Hannah Ozark


Clayton Collins

Director of Outreach

Zeek Payen

Director of Operations

Elisabeth Payen

Community Development

Jamie Fitt


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